Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nursery is Officially Underway!

We did a lot of putting together furniture this weekend and moving the tree decal to another wall because once the crib and the dresser was in the room it just seemed as though it was making the crib look out of place.  I am loving now it is turning out.

Although the butterfly mobile is larger than expected it works and adds a nice whimsy to the room.  It is off in the corner and when it moves around it comes our over the crib a little and the dresser.

Once we get back from our vacation we will need to work on getting the molding and paint it and get it up around the room between the two colors.

We don't have a mattress yet so no it isn't your eyes I just laid the sheet there to show you the colors of the wild flower sheets we have.  :-)

It is coming together nicely and it was fun this weekend to see some of it get put togehter.


  1. wow.. i absolutely LOVE the tree.. looking fantastic so far.. well done! x

  2. rachel, the nusery is looking AMAZING! that decal is too perfect for the room and it looks great where you placed it!
    you and jerry did an awesome job!



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