Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update - Transverse Baby, Nesting, and How I Feel

Dr. Appointment - Transverse and Group B Strep
We went to the Dr. last Friday for our 36 week appointment and at that time Annabelle was laying head down.  Then we went to the Dr. yesterday for our 37 week appointment (sooner than usual because Jerry left for a work trip this morning) and we learned she is laying sideways.  Her head is on my right side and her bum on the left and best I can tell her feet are facing down towards my cervix.  This is not the way she should be right now and I am hoping she will turn.  It also is not very comfy at all.

I also found out my group B strep test is positive.  That isn't a big deal as it can be treated at delivery and a lot of woman have it during pregnancy.  Doesn't surprise me as I have been no stranger to strep all my life so why wouldn't I have this form of step too.

Back to her being sideways.  The Dr. said we will keep an eye on it as we are getting close to the end and they could either try to manually move her or schedule a c-section.  I hear trying to move them is very painful and I read it can cause problems or a potential need for an emergency c-section.  So I will have to think about that one some more.

How I am feeling
Tired, tired, tired and more tired.  I have not been sleeping well lately and especially last night I only got 2.5hrs of sleep.  I have also been experiencing BAD dry heaving spells and throwing up spells, the Dr. said it is probably the heartburn but I don't know as I didn't have heart burn last night yet I started coughing then I went into a throwing up fit.  NOT FUN!!!

My feet also swelled up to balloons last night so much so that my sister and Jerry were like "Oh My God" and when I walked I could feel them jiggle... ughhh

This is all so worth it I just wish that it would be the end so I could meet her and get back to being me.

Despite my lack of sleep and all my other issues my head is going a million miles an hour on everything I need to do before she comes.  Yesterday the kitchen was such a mess to me that I couldn't stand it and had to clean it all up (it wasn't very messy but it was bugging me).  I have also been having my sister help me wash things and put things together as I can't really do much when it comes to being on my feet much or bending over.

Next week my sister and I are going to get the rest of the items we need.  That might be the last week I have to do anything if I have to have a c-section.

Thank you
I wanted to send a thank you to my sister Sheena and her boyfriend Steve who sent us the cutest outfits every for little Annabelle.  Also, a thank to Elaine (she does my nails) for sending us a Fisher Price jumpero (very nice of her).

We are on baby countdown and she should be here very soon!!!!

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  1. oh rachel, i'm so sorry to hear about your fatigue, upset stomach and swollen feet!!
    i hope that annabelle turns for you too! you will be in my prayers. i'm sure you have so much on your mind!!
    i can't wait to read your "welcome annabelle" post this month! so exciting!
    lots of love <3


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