Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pictures from Our Vacation

I have already showed you but Annabelle received while on our recent trip to New England but I would like to share with you some pictures from our adventure.

These are 2 of my nieces the day we went apple picking in Maine

Jerry catching apples from my niece

Eating Lobster on the wharf in Bar Harbor Maine

My Dad and Step Mom on the wharf

This is my sister who lives in CT on our trip to Sturbridge Village

This is my mom at Sturbridge Village

Us down in Newport releasing butterflies to celebrate our
recent marriage and our little Annabelle who is coming soon

Look at them fly...

My sister Holly found a friend
And I had a friend too

This a butterfly that was a little sleepy to fly away

Jerry and I in Newport by the water

My Sister by the water

My hubby!

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  1. such pretty pictures, rachel! your nieces are adorable! so glad you had a wonderful trip! i love the pic of you and jerry by the water. and the butterflies are such a great idea...so pretty!
    happy october <3
    maria xoxo


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