Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Gifts While On Vacation

WE ARE BACK..........  Boy it feels good to be home after traveling for 10 days.  We had a very nice trip and we got to see a lot of family.  We started off in Maine and worked our way down through Mass and Connecticut.   Along the way we got to go apple picking, visit Boothbay Harbor ME, see Old Sturbridge Village in MA, release butterflies in Newport RI and visit the Breakers Mansion in Newport.  We also got to see a lot of my family and spend time with them prior to our little pumpkins arrival.

Our family gave us some wonderful gifts for our little pumpkin and we were so excited about each and every gift.  I took some pictures to show you the wonderful and thoughtful gifts we received.
This was a gift from my Dad and Step Mom.  They also gave us a mattress
for the crib, we just need to go pick it up next weekend.

Love this shirt "I'm a Keepah!"  for those of you not from New England
this is a play on the northern accent.

My Nieces, Sister In Law and Brother gave Annabelle some really cute
outfits (my sister in law said she was in an elephant phase, so cute)

My Auntie Vickie gave us this oh so tiny outfit and a bracelet.
She gave us the bracelet because my grandmother (who has passed) always gave
a bracelet and she wanted to pass on that tradition.  Can I just say these tights are the cutest ever! 

My Mom and Step Dad got Annabelle some sleepers, swadel blanket,
an oh so cute towel. 

This is a very nice gift from my Mom and Step Dad for Annabelle

My sister got Annabelle some much needed onsies and the cuties summer outfit.
She also got her a blanket like she had as a child (she loved her blankie) and the cutest
tiny slippers.

Jerry and I picked up a few things for Annabelle while shopping
in Boothbay Harbor and Newport RI

This is a christening outfit my Auntie Estel gave to me to use for Annabelle.
This outfit was warn my Mom, Auntie Estel and their two brothers.  I love
things with meaning, I just hope she can fit in it when we have her baptised as it is tiny.

We found this perfect hand made night light for Annabelle's room, don't you love it?


  1. Sounds like you had a great trip! So many gorgeous baby things..looks like Annabelle is already spoilt by her family!!

  2. So much cute! Glad you all enjoyed your vacation. :)


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