Friday, October 7, 2011

The Halfway Mark & Gifts for Annabelle

20 Weeks:  I can't hardly believe it we have reached the halfway mark.  It seems like just yesterday we were just counting down the days to get to 12 weeks and here we are now at a major milestone.

Annabelle is now 10 inches from head to heel and weighting about 10.5 ounces about the size of a banana.

I am feeling great pregnancy wise.  I still feel like I just look fat and not pregnant but I am sure in the next few weeks as Annabelle grows larger that my belly will get rounder.  I have however twisted my knee which has made it swell and hard to walk.  Tonight we went and got me a knee brace so that I don't continue to pull the muscles when trying to get around, other than that I have been keeping off it and making sure to ice it on and off.

While on vacation visiting family my Dad and Step Mom gave us some money as a gift so we could get Annabelle a mattress and a few additional things (seeing as though we flew there and back it would of been hard to take back any large gifts).  So tonight we went picked up our gifts!

We got a bathtub, changing table pad, breathable bumper,
sound machine and changing table pad cover

Thank You Dad and Sheri!

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  1. Congratulations on reaching the half way mark! Definitely a great milestone to pass!!!


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