Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finished the Quilt!

After realizing that buying an expensive nursery bedding set was a waste of money I decided to visit and order a quilt kit for under $30.

After putting together the quilt per the instructions I really felt I needed to put on a pink silky binding around the edge.  With that said I finally sat down today and put the binding together and on the quilt.  I would love to say it was simple but I did learn a few lessons in this process.  One of them was to cut the binding fabric larger than 2 inches in width, especially when the quilt was a little on the thicker side.  The other was to add about 15 extra inches to the binding length (I added 10 inches and it was do able, but at the time I wished I had some extra when it came to joining the to ends of the binding).  The last lessons is to watch out for the darn pins, ouch!! hahaha

Now presenting Annabelle's quilt made by her Mommy's very own hands.  Can you tell I am proud?!


  1. What a beautiful quilt! Such a clever mummy. xx

  2. looks adorable, rachel!! awesome job! she will always have this and know her mommy made it just for her!
    so happy to read you and baby are doing well!! you're almost there! so exciting!


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