Friday, October 21, 2011

22 Weeks and Dr. Apt.

Today we hit our 22 week mark, can you say now I feel like time is starting to fly by.  We had a Dr. apt today to check on Annabelle and listen to her heart.  I am measuring on track and her little heart was pumping away.  I even felt her move while the Dr. was pressing the Doppler on my belly.  I then I got my flu shot and had some blood drawn to check on my thyroid.

I did gain more weight but I think I gained like 10-15 so far (I'm not tracking it).  Tonight I was definitely feeling "rounder" as I walked around (or as Jerry says hobbled around) the grocery store (bum knee and all).

I think I am getting close to being able to feel her move more regularly but the Dr. did tell me with my placenta in the front I won't feel her as much as others right now because she is still so tiny.

Tomorrow my sister is flying in for the week to spend some time with us and see how she likes NC. It will be great to have her here for the week, I just feel bad that we have to work all week so we won't be able to take her around places during the week.  I think she is looking forward to just relaxing anyways so it will be good.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. i was actually thinking of you only within the last few days and then is i saw the comment on my blog! How strange!! hehe. Im glad you are well and I cant believe you are 22 weeks already!! Times certainly is flying by! xx


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