Friday, February 24, 2012

Today is Our Official Due Date

Annabelle is still very comfy in there and nothing has started yet.  I have had some contractions that are very very mild but those are just Braxton Hicks (practice contractions).  They don't hurt they just tighten up my belly, for the longest time I thought that was just her moving her bum because it would make a lump on my left side of my belly, LOL.

I have been pretty much just chilling out at home (getting dressed isn't much fun).  I have finished reading "The Lucky One" in under a week (which is really fast for me) and today I think I am going to break out my fancy camera and play with it so I am ready for her newborn photo's when she comes.  Jerry and I moved our bonus room around so he has a better working space as he is working form home most of the time and I setup my studio for her new born photos.  The bonus room looks so much better now.

Her Glider finally came in!!!!  I go up to her room once a day to sit in it and read or just sit as it very comfy and her room is so peaceful. 

Jerry and I have tried talking to her and telling her it's time to come out but she seems to have her own agenda.  She might end up being a March baby, we shall see.

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