Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome to our birth month!

It's FEBRUARY!!!!!  Can you believe it?  Today I am 37 weeks and you know what that means, we are full term!

This month is already proving to be a busy one as Jerry started a new job on the 1st and had to fly to PA to meet his team and get all setup.  He is coming back today, woohoo!  But then it is off again for him on Monday to OH for a few days for training.  So my sister is staying with us to "babysit" me as I call it.... LOL

It has also been a year since we bought our house and this month the builder needs to come in and fix things, perfect timing right when I am 39 weeks along... ughhh... Oh and our less than a year old microwave broke yesterday.

Monday my sister and I are doing major baby shopping to get the rest of the items we need.  Our rocker still isn't in yet and might not be until MARCH!!! Man I need to call them and check on it today.

Little Annabelle is still sideways from what I can tell using the doppler and trying to feel for her.  I guess she wants to be just like her Mommy as I was on my side too.  I have been trying to get her to move by playing her music down low, but no luck yet.  We will see at Monday's appointment how she is doing.

I hope everyone had a happy January!  I can't wait to be writing my "Welcome Annabelle" post.

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