Sunday, February 5, 2012

37 Weeks - Full Term!!

This past Friday we reach that point we all wait for and that's the 37 week mark!  We are so very excited and almost all ready for our little Annabelle.   I feel like over the past couple of weeks my belly has really started to get very big.  It could be because she is laying on her side and I am sure it is because she is putting on that oh so cute baby fat.

My sister Holly and I are going shopping for the last little bit of things we need to get before she comes.  Tomorrow we are also going for our Dr. appointment and we will find out if she is still laying sideways.  If she is I am not going to have them try to move her because I hear it is very painful and could cause the need for an emergency c-section if something goes wrong.  If she is still sideways I will probably schedule a c-section and then hope that she moves before the c-section.

Jerry is heading out for another business trip tomorrow afternoon and will be back Wednesday afternoon, so I need to holder her in until at least the end of the week.  I think we are going to be ok and all we plan to do is go shopping tomorrow then Holly and I will sit around the house on Tuesday.  I am going to work Wednesday - Friday and then I start my leave on Friday the 10th... Wooohoooo!!!

Baby Shower - This past Saturday I got a surprise from our friends Nora, Jon and Marilyn who threw us a baby shower at our house.

Jerry and I went out to run errands Saturday morning and Holly told me she wanted to stay home (now I know why) and we came home to all kinds of good food and a few close friends saying "Surprise"!  I was shocked!  I did feel really bad because I could see how much work Nora and Jon put into this with the help of Marilyn and it ended up being Nora, Jon, My Sister Holly, Lisa, Jerry and I (which if fine with me but others had said they were coming and didn't show).  Marilyn had a family emergency and I heard she came by to drop off some things then had to run to the hospital (her aunt was ill but she is ok now, thank goodness).  We had a great time and we very much enjoyed the company with Nora, Jon and Lisa (as always).   :-)

Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts, Annabelle will love them!!  She got some great outfits, onies, bibs and a very generous gift card (which we already spent getting her some great things at Target).

Thank you again what a great surprise!!!

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  1. rachel, you look wonderful and so so happy! :)
    how sweet...another surprise!! adorable little outfits.
    congratulations on reaching full term!! ahhh, i can remember the trying days of your journey last year and i have to say, it makes me smile at where you are now!
    lots of love!!
    i will be checking back for updates <3



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