Monday, February 27, 2012

Past Due!

I am now 3 days past due.  I have been having mild braxton hicks contractions about every 10mins for days now.  I don't really notice them unless it is a stronger one or if I am really paying attention, like when I take a bath.  It's so funny to watch my belly ball up on the right side and get very hard.  They feel like when you upper tummy hurts after you do some crunches.  I keep telling Jerry that she never coming out that she is very comfy where she is (but Mommy is not comfy).

On a side note we had wondered what the baby count down would do when we got past due and I guess it starts adding days for every day we are overdue... LOL Thanks count down!

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  1. Ooo Rachel!! I'm hoping. And praying she makes her debut into the world and your arms very very soon!! I will be checking your page for updates!
    Hang in there, hun!
    Wishing you and Jerry so much love and joy!
    Sending happy labor vibes!
    I'm doing a baby dance (not that kind lol) for you :)



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