Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ONLY 1.5cm and 50% - Induction Scheduled

This is all getting so very difficult to handle.  I am now over due by 5 days and I went to the Dr. today all hopeful that she would tell me that I was at least 4cm only to find out that I am only a half cm closer then I was last week and a lot softer.

We scheduled an induction for Tuesday at 7pm.  I was like 7pm, seriously they couldn't do it earlier in the day?  Nope because there is no openings on Monday or in the morning on Tuesday.  I really don't want to be induced but I also don't want to carry her until she is 18, so here is to hoping she decides to come before Tuesday.

I never thought she would take this long to get here.


  1. lol @ carry her until she's 18!
    I was induced with my daughter. she was also very comfy and had no plans on leaving.
    One piece of advice I'd like to give you is this: Starting ASAP, try and walk as much as you can. This helps with dialation. I, too, was disappointed that I was only 1cm. Ob told me to walk and a few days later, i was 4cm!

    I hope you have an easy, uneventful delivery. Can't wait to hear that she's arrived! Good luck, sweetie!

  2. I hope you guys are holding your sweet baby girl right now and that delivery goes well! These little ones have other plans sometimes but it's worth it all :) best of luck!

  3. ohhh rachel!!! i've been away on vaca and disconnected from the world for a bit! i just went on fb and saw your amazing news and had to come here to congratulate you *as i didn't want to blow up your fb with a huge letter! ;)
    you are the second person i saw that had a baby while i was away!!!
    ahhh! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    annabelle is drop dead gorgeous! and all that hair!! she is BEAUTIFUL!! i'm so so happy for you and jerry! you're glowing and beaming with joy, i can see it...and it makes my already emotional self want to cry even more! it has been a week of happiness and emotions and it's wonderful to see all this sweet news!!
    i'm so excited to read about everything and see more precious pictures of your new family!
    i hope you're all doing well and enjoying this next amazing chapter!!
    SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! sending my love to you jerry and annabelle!!!!
    maria <3


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