Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eviction Notice to My Lovely Daughter

Dear Annabelle Rose,

I (mommy) have loved carrying you around for these 39 weeks and feeling you grow inside me but it's time to come out and meet the world. You have a lot of friends and family who can't wait to meet you, two in particular, your mommy and daddy!

Your official due date is in 5 days and it is so amazing to be this close to having one of our dreams come true, it's kind of like waiting for Christmas morning however Christmas will just come on any day Santa feels like delivering presents.  So let's just make it easy and how about you come out before your due date. Ok?

I know you are very comfy in there, but I promise you we will make you just as comfy out here.  Plus you will have a lot more room to grow and play.  We have a beautiful room waiting for you (minus the glider that will be here any day now, I promise).

Daddy is done with his business trips and he is no longer sick, also the builder has fixed most of the 1 yr warranty items on our home and mommy has bought all she needs to get started with you for now (as you give me a good kick to the rib). So as you can see we are ready for you now (even though I am still not sure how I will handle the pain of getting you out).

We want you to come out on your own without the help of mommy being induced and the Dr. won't let mommy carry you beyond a couple of weeks from now, so let's just go ahead and start up this process on our own.  We are happy you are head down and mommy is happy to be having braxton hicks contractions but mommy is very uncomfortable.  I know we have spent the last 9 months asking you to stay put and grow and be healthy and I know daddy begged you not to come out before he got back from his trips, but really it is ok now you can come out.

I love you so much already and I just want to see your cute little face and hold you and love all on you.  Daddy does too and he is getting very excited so let's go ahead and pack up your bags and come out safe and sound.

Love your very tired, excited, swollen


  1. Rachel!! I can't believe your dd is in 5 days! That picture you included is hilarious! I'm glad Jerry is home and everything is all set for her to arrive!
    Praying that she makes her debut very soon!!
    So excited for you!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I, too, loved the picture! haha! I hope she's come already! I can't wait to see pics of your beautiful princess! :)

  3. I wish but nope she is still hanging in there..


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